I am experienced in working with people of all ages and diverse cultural backgrounds. Therapy can be conducted in English, Spanish or Hebrew.

Infant Mental Health: If you have an infant who is showing problems, my recommendation is not to wait but to have the child evaluated as soon as possible. Some problems can be entirely avoided – not all. But most problems can be improved if treated early, when the brain has much plasticity, and when the family can adjust to the baby or toddler in the best possible manner. If needed, I work with you in selecting and building a team with other professionals ( medical, naturopathic, speech, occupational or physical therapists, etc.) who I have known to be effective.

newChildren, adolescents and families: Children bring with them a temperamental/bio-chemical and developmental uniqueness that shows up as strengths and challenges. The parent/s and family have their own set of unique characteristics, knowledge and skills. They both bring to the therapy a history of the satisfactions and difficulties they have had so far. Drawing upon your own expertise and understanding of your family, as well as upon my extensive experience, I evaluate all these factors, including the culture of the family and other influences, and compose a picture. The picture composed needs to feel and look right to you and the child/ren. That picture turns into a map that tells us how to straighten lines of development that became crooked or obstructed; what skills are needed by parents and/or children; how to increase each person’s satisfaction from life in general and from family life; and how to prevent problems in the future. My goal is that the family learn to become, as much as possible, their own ‘life coach’ in the future.

Adults of all ages, and couples: What I describe in the various sections of this tab also applies to my work with adults. I help couples using the same approaches – and extensive couple-skills building. Sometimes only one person in a family or relationship is willing to engage in therapy. This can be helpful too, so I don’t require everybody involved to be present.